Dimension Information


The following information is a guide to assist you when measuring physical seal dimensions and when taking metal dimensions to determine the proper seal dimension.  This guide is not a guarantee that the dimensions you take are going to be 100% correct.  If you are unsure of the dimensions, please contact our technical support associate by calling (800)6-4-SEALS or e-mail to techsupport@acdepuydt.com.


Seal Dimensions


I.D.     Inside Diameter

O.D.   Outside Diameter

H        Height

C/S    Cross Section = (O.D. - I.D.)/2


Measurements for a typical O-ring


Measurements for a typical U-seal

Measurements for a typical wiper

Measurements for a typical piston cup

Measurements for a typical V-packing set


Metal Dimensions



        Rod - Wiper I.D.

Dw      Groove Diameter - Wiper O.D.

Ww     Groove Width - Wiper Heel Height


Rod Seal

R        Rod - Rod Seal I.D.

Dr      Groove Diameter - Rod Seal O.D.

Wr     Groove Width - Rod Seal Height


Gland Seal (usually an O-ring)

Dg      Groove Diameter - Gland Seal I.D.

Wg     Groove Width - Gland Seal Cross Section


Piston Seal

B        Bore - Piston Seal O.D.

Dp      Groove Diameter - Piston Seal I.D.

Wp     Groove Width - Piston Seal Height


Measurements for a typical cylinder