V-packing sets (both solid and split for easier installation) are sealing sets made exclusively for adjustable housings.  A typical V-packing set is made from 3 parts; a Female/Top adapter, a Male/Bottom adapter and multiple Vee/Center rings.  Adjustable housings allow the V-packing set to be compressed, causing the individual Vee/Center rings of the set to flair out, creating the seal necessary for the system.  As the set wears, the set can be further compressed to reduce any fluid leaking that may occur during operation.  As the Female adapter wears, so will the entire set, leading to seal failure and the need to replace the set.  Most of our stock V-packing items are available in NBR/Fabric material, but other materials (reinforced fabric & homogeneous) are available.  Need a non-standard set size, or a PTFE material set?  Our custom seal program can assist you with finding the V-packing set for your unique application!

( Materials available: NBR/Fabric, NBR, FKM, HYTREL )


Female ( Top )

Female adaptor- The female or top adaptor is flat on the top and concave on the bottom, allowing it to fit onto the top of a V-packing set.  The female adaptor provides support and determines the quality and wear pattern for the set, a worn female adaptor will let you know that it is time to replace your V-packing set.

( Materials available: NBR/FABRIC, FKM )

Vee ( Center )

Vee or center ring- The vee or center ring is concave on the bottom, allowing the ring to sit on top of the male or bottom adaptor, while the top is convex, allowing additional vees and/or the female adaptor to sit on top of it.  The number of vees or center rings is determined by the depth of the pod that the V-packing set is being inserted into.  V-packing sets are designed to be used in adjustable glands, not fixed housings, allowing the set to be compressed until the correct seal is achieved.

( Materials available: NBR/FABRIC, NBR, FKM, HYTREL, PTFE )

Male ( Bottom )

Male adaptor- The male or bottom adaptor is flat on one side and convex on the other so that the vees or center rings sit on top, creating the base for the V-packing set.

( Materials available: NBR/FABRIC, FKM )