PS755 rectangular piston seals are a two piece piston seal design, combining a urethane outer seal with a square ring expander. These seals are commonly used in low to medium pressure hydraulic applications. ( max pressure 5,000psi )


Double-acting piston seal is a compact seal for light to medium-duty applications and designed to fit two housing standards; one for standard O-ring grooves, the second for grooves designed for an O-ring and two back-up rings. ( max pressure 5,000psi )

Capped T Seal

Capped T seal is a compact, double-acting, high-performance piston seal design capable of handling the high pressure and pressure spikes associated with high-performance systems.( max pressure 10,000psi )

PSBWQ Piston seal

A double-acting piston seal utilizing Hallite’s high-performance Armorlene® HLX PTFE paired with an elastomer energizer and x-ring for optimum performance and durability. The Armorlene® PTFE seal ring and the x-ring together provides the dynamic sealing function, while the elastomeric energizer provides the static sealing.

PS14 ( Square )

PS14 square piston seals are two piece piston seals, combining a Teflon outer seal with an O-ring expander seal. This seal can be used in either hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

( Materials: glass filled ptfe, bronze filled ptfe & urethane )

PS18 ( Rectangular )

PS18 rectangular piston seals are two piece piston seals, combining a Teflon outer seal with a square ring expander. PS18 can be used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

( Material; glassed filled ptfe & bronze filled ptfe )

PS24 ( Chamfered edge )

The PS24 is a 2 piece piston seal combining a Ptfe outer seal with an o-ring expander seal. The outer ptfe seal has chamfered corners for cold flow resistance. this seal produces low friction and high strength

Multi Piece Piston Seals

These double-acting piston seals come in a robust three-five piece assembly and is is designed specifically for one piece pistons in a wide range of medium duty applications made to be extremely wear resistent. The seal is also suitable for two piece pistons.