NBR ( black )

Temperature Min: -40F

Temperature Max: 250F

NBR is the standard in hydraulic and pneumatic sealing elastomers. Its oil resistant nature makes it the top choice of materials being used with petroleum based hydraulic fluids. Nitrile has a good abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and resistance to compression set.

FKM ( Brown & black )

Temperature Min: -15F

Temperature Max: 400F

FKM (aka Fluorocarbon) seals are widely used in applications dealing with extreme temperature and/or extreme chemicals. Its compatibility to nearly all chemicals (exception – Skydrol, certain esters and ethers) make it a popular elastomer in chemical processing, paper and pulp mills, and various other chemical applications.

Silicone ( Red )

Temperature Min: -65F

Temperature Max: 450F

Silicone compounds are generally not recommended for dynamic sealing applications due to poor tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Silicone does exhibit excellent resistance to extreme temperature and is an acceptable FDA material. Typical use for silicone is in dry heat applications and food processing applications.

EPR ( Black )

Temperature Min: -65F

Temperature Max: 300F

EPR (aka EPDM, Ethylene Propylene) is used in applications that deal with ester based fluids, acids, weak alkalies. EPR is also an acceptable FDA material.



PTFE ( White )

Temperature Min: -200F

Temperature Max: 500F

PTFE can be used in applications with extreme temperatures, extreme pressures and extreme chemicals. Since Teflon® has a tendency to cold flow and has no memory, it is often filled with other materials (glass, bronze, and nickel) before it is used to make piston seals, rod seals and wipers.

Urethane ( color can vary upon manufacturer )

Temperature Min: -50F

Temperature Max: 200F

Polyurethane (aka Hythane®, Disogrin®, Garthane®) makes an excellent choice for hydraulic systems due to its good temperature range and high abrasion resistance. Urethanes are highly resistant to petroleum oils, hydrocarbon fuels, oxygen, ozone and weathering.

Polyester/Polymyte® ( Orange )

Temperature Min: -65F

Temperature Max: 275F

Polyester can be elastoplastic material with exceptionally high tear strength. Its high durometer makes it suitable for applications where extrusion is a problem. Polyester can be used with petroleum based fluids, water based fluids, phosphate ester fluids, some chlorinated fluids and many solvents.