Modified/Custom Seals

Need a center hole in a piston cup, or need a custom size wear ring? Maybe you need a V-packing set split for easier installation, or need a 75” ID V-packing set? Have a seal that is no longer produced, or is impossible to find? Need 100 custom seal kits? We’ve got you covered! We can do it all, from cutting center holes and bolt holes in piston cups, to fabricating large Garlock V-coil packing sets, to providing machined custom seals and non-standard vulcanized O-rings, we can help you with all of your modified and custom seal needs!

Garlock V-Packing

We stock Garlock V-Coil from .500” cross section* and up. We can fabricate V-Packing sets up to 100” diameter! Throw us a size and let us cut & ship your set, same day!^.

*.500”, .625”, .750”, .875” & 1.000” C/S

^In most cases

Center Holes & Bolt holes

We do center holes and Bolt holes in house on nbr and fabric Piston cups and in some cases urethane. Give us the dimensions ( including bolt circle size for bolt holes) or send us your sample and we can Duplicate it as well as get it out same day ( if stock is available )